AMA with Unibright’s Ruud Huisman and Jack Wiering, organized by Bittrex Global

This is a transcript of an AMA with Unibright’s Ruid Huisman and Jack Wiering, organized by Bittrex Global.


Ambassador and Networking Manager of Unibright


Community Manager of Unibright


Vice President & Chief of Staff-Operations at Bittrex Global

Rahwa Berhe: Hi everyone! We’re extremely excited to host Ruud and Jack for an AMA today. Please respect our guests and allow them time to answer the questions :)

Q: Jack and Ruud, can you tell us about yourself?

Jack Wiering: I am Jack, living in the Netherlands. I started as an Unibright ambassador. After a few months i got “promotion” :-) and now I run the community together with Ruud and some great ambasadors.

Ruud Huisman: I have worked in education for a long time. I started with Unibright in 2018, and helped set up the ambassador program. Our ambassadors are either active in the community or active in business and help us connect to different parties. Personally I feel like ending up with Unibright is a winning lottery ticket, as I have been so incredibly impressed by what Marten and Stefan especially have achieved in such short amount of time. These are pertty much the smartest and well organized two people I have ever met. Special credits to our ambassadors who have been with us for a long time. Especially Dan and Magic, who are doing a lot of great, great work. I love you guys.

Rahwa Berhe: Thanks for the quick introductions!

Q: Can you give us a brief introduction of Unibright?

Ruud Huisman: Unibright is a company that offers the quickest way for mainstream adoption of blockchain technology. Imagine going back to 1989, when everyone was working with MSDOS. You would have to know what to do, because every step you need a certain command (code). Then suddenly with Windows, any average user can make use of the PC on his own computer with drag-drop-click. Unibright offers a one-stop shop where the whole process, from beginning to end (in regards to smart contracts and STO issuance) can be done by NON-developers. That means that they can focus on their own job, and keep an eye on everything happening in the whole blockchain process. And even more perfect, is that this is designed to be integrated into the company’s IT system (like SAP or ORACLE). We connect those systems, to blockchain, and any blockchain that comes along. By working with templates for every use case, you can make it even more easier for your employees.

Rahwa Berhe: That’s a huge win for blockchain adoption for non-technical audiences! This type of work is extremely important in the industry to bring in more contributors.

Q: What was your motivation for starting this project?

Ruud Huisman: The difficulty right now lies in the fact that businesses don’t know where to start. They usually have to hire a team of expensive devs that continually have to be translating blockchain knowledge, outside of a company’s system. What if your entire company can work with blockchain, without even understanding it. What if Jim from Accounting is able to set up his own smart contracts with the Template INVOICING. That saves a lot ot time and money. Because Jim the accountant will be able to work quicker and A LOT CHEAPER with blockchain than Susan the blockchain developer. The motivation lies in the fact…WHAT IS NEEDED THE MOST?

Rahwa Berhe:
Q: Can you share with us any of the short-term and long-term goals of Unibright? Which milestone are you each most excited about for Unibright this year?

Jack Wiering: Good question Rahwa, until last year we worked with a real roadmap. We have now changed this slightly. This does not mean that our goals have changed.
For us it is important to be innovative in developing new products.
We are busy giving workshops to potential new customers and further developing current requests.
This also runs alongside our contribution in various consortia and initiatives such as the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance, Baseline Protocol, INATBA and Bundesblock.

So short term is Build build build….
Long term = one of the leading players in blockchain integration

Ruud Huisman: I can’t really choose between Baseline and Freequity, but I have seen the full picture of what Freequity aspires to be, and it amazes me that not the whole of the STO space is diving into this deeply, because it is so much more than ‘just an STO’ platform. This is really a game changes in the blockchain space. Please people, look into Freequity.

Rahwa Berhe: It’s great that the Unibright team is agile and able to adjust based on customer needs! Looking forward to seeing all the hard work come into fruition.

Q: What is the business model of Unibright?

Jack Wiering: The business model for us as Unibright focuses on delivering customer-centric blockchain integration for companies. Due to our unique tools, companies do not need to hire expensive and scarce blockchain developers.

We are also familiar with the processes within companies due to our extensive experience in business integration. This is very important. Because if you don’t speak the same language, it is very difficult for companies to understand what blockchain integration can bring them.

We provide consultancy in the form of workshops and if customers purchase products, they must provide UBT tokens for this. The number depends on many factors. The customer will have the opportunity to repurchase the necessary tokens after 30 days from us during the contract period. This generates turnover for us as a company.

For more information i recommend to read our tokenmodel:

Rahwa Berhe: Thanks for describing one aspect of the UBT token’s utility! That medium article will be a great read for further understanding.

Jack Wiering: We have a dedicated website for consultancy services. Clients can also pay this with UBT tokens with a good discount :-). Those tokens will be locked and will not return to the market.

Rahwa Berhe: Awesome! We’d love to get your insights on some more high level industry level questions

Q: What development trends of the industry do you think will begin to emerge in 2020? What kind of competition will there be between the other blockchain platform projects?

Ruud Huisman: The development trends can be quite positive as many companies are looking for more innovative solutions to save cost. This can be done with blockchain. But in regards to competition, there is none that is this complete (no-code AND integration)

However, as adoption went a lot slower than we expected in 2017, we. started with Freequity, our 360 degrees end-to-end STO platform.

This is the most complete solution for STO’s (issuance and trading).

There are other STO issuance companies, but they usually only do the most technical part. The owner of the tokens still will have some difficulties selling them because a lack of liquidity and regulations.

Rahwa Berhe:
Q: Can you talk about the future of digital assets and blockchain technology? Will it affect the worldwide revolution, or just be a trading game for the partial people? When will qualitative changes and inflection points occur?

Ruud Huisman: We are quite positive about the future of digital assets, but like the blockchain hype that took a lot longer than we expected, we can’t give a time frame. All we can do is build the most perfect solution that is ready to go when mainstream adoption comes. (and before that of course)

Apart from that, we help to establish mainstream adoption by joining the EEA, Eminent, and by playing a leading role in the development of Baseline Protocol, which makes Ethereum Mainnet better suited for enterprises.

And we never focus on trading ourselves. The UBT token is just a voucher to use the framework, the fuel if you may. And we focus on continuously expanding the utility of the token, so that it will become the Universal Blockchain Token.

Rahwa Berhe: BUILDL! Thanks so much for your time and answering our initial set of questions. I’d now like to open this AMA up to the entire Bittrex Global Community.

Starting off with some community raised questions:

Q: In the bad situation of the Covid-19 epidemic, every industry was heavily affected. Does it affect on the growth of unibright Team and its ?? What are your plans to turn challenges into opportunities for #unibright?

Ruud Huisman: This doesn’t affect us that much. Our workshops are usually done in person, so now we have to do that on skype, which is not preferred. But apart from that, most of our team already works on a distance. And the Hackaton from last week could still continue, although it’s better to be in the same space.

Q: Will there be a burning or repurchasing program to create price and demand stability?

Jack Wiering: There is no burning. What we do indicate is that tokens that are locked in our framework will not come back on the market. This will reduce the circulating UBT supply as demand for products increases

For more information about this topic Irecommend to read our tokenmodel.

Q: What is the current progress on Freeequity and when can we see this being implemented. In terms of STO issuance, regulatory hurdles are also prevalent. How does unibright plan to handle this as that affects listing the most and do you have any alliance to ensure this?

Ruud Huisman: We are constantly communicating with regulators. The technology is there, and continuously developing, but response from regulater doesn’t really work like the crypto space-time continuum. That usually takes a bit longer, and a lot of it is not in our hands.

Q: Most investors only focus on the price of the token in the short term instead of the real value of the project. Can $UBT tell me the benefits of holding $UBT for long-term investors?

Jack Wiering: If you own a UBT token, you have a voucher to use our services. These “vouchers” are tradable and the market determines the price.

As we indicate, new customers are required to purchase the number of required tokens on the market.

As a token holder, you decide when you sell or buy.

We are committed to retaining as many customers as possible for a longer period of time.

Q: You have an entire ecosystem and have lots of offerings for all stages of the project. I believe that requires a huge team to deliver.
Can you share some insights about your team how you have structured your finances in that regard. Also, is unibright currently generating any revenue?

Ruud Huisman: I can not give any specification on revenue. We have a large team of developers that are usually working in scrums, like we did with previous projects. I can’t really say how much. All I can say is that we have a very healthy financial situation. Our circulating supply is almost the same number as our total supply..if you understand what I mean, so that is NOT where our revenue comes from.

Q: UBT is the highest performing Cryptocurrency asset, YTD. How much more should we expect from a token that has grown over 600% this year?

Ruud Huisman: We build. That is it, and we connect, that is also it. We don’t make things bigger than they are, and are continuously looking to expand the utility of the UBT token.

Q: What will be the usecase and benefits of the $UBT token?

Ruud Huisman: This was answered in the blog that Jack posted.

Q: Will Unibright code be open source? With all these new implementations and offerings, does the team have plans to create online tutorials/courses, maybe also with some incentives to attract more end users and community to build on Unibright?

Ruud Huisman: Baseline Protocol is open source.

Q: You have an entire ecosystem and have lots of offerings for all stages of the project. I believe that requires a huge team to deliver.
Can you share some insights about your team how you have structured your finances in that regard. Also, is unibright currently generating any revenue?

Jack Wiering: Unibright consists of a core of a number of permanent team members where everyone has their own role. We also have access to a network of the best blockchain developers. We work very demand driven with these developers. Sometimes 10 are working, other times 30.

We mainly focus on preparing our products.

This is an investment for the future. We are a healthy company, without financial problems.

I cannot provide further company information.

Q: Unibright team consists of experienced and brilliant individuals. What made them to unite together and work in unison for the fulfilment of it and How does it act as an advantage compared to other projects in terms of brainstorming and guidance?

Ruud Huisman: Marten and Stefan have been childhood friends and they set up numerous companies but were very succesful in business integration. There they built their network, and they expanded on that with numerous partnerships.

Q: It’s believed by some that most ALTs will go to ZERO… What will keep UBT alive even when other ALTs fail?

Ruud Huisman: By making the best product in the space that requires UBT for usage.

Q: You will be offering the UNIBRIGHT FREEQUITY. Now may I ask, Is this your version of CROWDFUNDING? Where you fund a potential Startup Project? Because I want to know how the system works.

Ruud Huisman: We are building it, and we ourselves require no crowdfuning for the building of Freequity. However how every other company decides to market their STO issuance is op to them. We just give them the digital tools to do it in an easy way.

Q: Most of users are still Not Aware with Blockchain / cryptocurrencies & unibright! So, What are your plans to create awareness about your project & Blockchain technology to multiple users & projects?

Ruud Huisman: By joining Baseline, and creating a product that focuses on mainstream adoption.

Q: How would UB convince enterprise clients to buy and pay via UBT? Any plans to provide ramps and adjust pricing dynamically as need for tokens increases — theoretically this might be a problem later on during the project

Jack Wiering: This is the smallest problem for potential clients. The most important part is convincing and educating clients the benefits of blockchain integration.

Ruud Huisman: It is much more difficult to ‘convince’ a company to use blockchain. Once they have decided, the buying of tokens is a small step, that we can help them with.

Q: Every Project’s Token have their main Usecase & Utilities ! So, Could you tell me what are the main role of UniBright Tokens in UniBright Project Ecosystem? As Investor, why should we invest in UniBright Tokens?

Ruud Huisman: We can’t give advice on this subject. All we do is work on the utility of the token, and create the Universal Blockchain Token.

Q: Explain more about the concept of FREEQUITY, what exactly do you want to achieve with freequity

Ruud Huisman: This explains it all:

Q: I do not know much about this project so I would like to know What attractive elements does Unibright have that promote the adoption and attraction of users to your platform?

Jack Wiering: A lot. I would advice you to take some days free to deepdive in our developments. Or watch some content on Youtube on our channel

Q: Can you go on a bit about your biggest achievements so far and the cool things you guys are building right now?

Ruud Huisman: Our biggest achievements always lie ahead. We have just started. But our contribution to the Baseline Protocol is noteworthy.

Many questions are also answered in this AMA’s. Look for timestamps.

Q: Since UniBright was a business in long time, how did you manage the long bear market? What made your strength grow and inspired you to do all this? How do you feel about the general development of the project over time? are you satisfied with the progress of UniBright?

Jack Wiering: Focus on development and not all the sometimes crazy crypto hype. Our main focus is developing our products.

We are here to stay :-)

Q: Twitter CEO said Africa is the future for everything blockchain, does UBT have Africa in her plans and how do you plan to reach Africa

Ruud Huisman: Not in the immediate future yet. But we are always open for clients from everywhere. When there is demand…we answer ;)

Q: What is the main uniqueness of the unibright project, and
Can you tell us about your future plans to give much better functions for your users to attract them towards unibright?

Ruud Huisman: Main uniqueness is the completeness, and the user friendly solution that we offer. It is literally suited to bring blockchain to mainstream usage. Mainstream adoption of the UBT framework and Freequity would result in more usage of the UBT token.

Q: Let’s leave aside all the hype a la “it’s good, cause it’s blockchain” and speak specifically. How Unibright tech actually can improve my life in terms of financial service?

Ruud Huisman: If you order a workshop, we will very specifically give you next steps for your company to work with blockchain. However, if a company wants to work with blockchain, but doesn’t really understand it, and maybe a normal database will suffice, we will of course be honest there as well.

Q: Since UniBright was a business in long time, how did you manage the long bear market? What made your strength grow and inspired you to do all this? How do you feel about the general development of the project over time? are you satisfied with the progress of UniBright?

Ruud Huisman: During the bear market a real estate client approached us and asked us if we could develop a STO template for our framework. We told them it was more elaborate than just a template. Then we started, and we looked, and saw the possibility (and then the genius from Marten and Stefan comes along) and whooop, Freequity was born. And also, a bear market did not concern us. We don’t rely on selling UBT on the market for our revenue. We just did workshops and built, BUILD , BUIDL.

Rahwa Berhe:
Alright everyone — we are at time! Thanks so much for all those that joined us today for the hour-long Unibright AMA. A very special thank you to our gracious guests Ruud and Jack!

Tom Albright (CEO of Bittrex Global):
Thanks Jack and Ruud! Really appreciate your time with us today! And thanks to everyone who participated!

Jack Wiering: Thanks for this great AMA, if there are still questions, feel free to join our community and ask your questions over there!

Ruud Huisman: Allright everyone. Thanks a lot for great questions. Please come to our community to know more, and watch both video’s that I posted.

Unibright offers a unified framework, bringing blockchain technology and smart contracts to mainstream usage. With its “no-coding-needed” approach, smart contracts get generated, deployed and updated automatically into different blockchains. Unibright works with visual, usecase-related templates and also automatically integrates existing IT systems into the blockchain.

More information on Unibright:

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