HPB attends Bloconomic Summit in Malaysia & Overview of HPB’s recent dynamics in China and abroad

This article was originally posted here by the HPB foundation. Please excuse possible translation mistakes and omissions.

In 2019, HPB increased the market development and commercial expansion of overseas markets. The footprint of HPB covers the Netherlands, Switzerland, South Korea, Singapore, Vietnam and the USA (New York). The strong march towards each market is in full swing. The Southeast Asian market, as an emerging blockchain innovation center, is also an important part of the HPB core market development strategy. With its huge population base and intelligent terminal ownership, the Southeast Asian market has entered the fast-growing economic development rhythm and the openness of the Southeast Asian government to accelerate the transformation of the digital economy. The number of institutions engaged in the blockchain industry is increasing. The Southeast Asian blockchain alliance was also established, and the development of blockchain technology exploration and innovation was in good shape.

Following the strategic pace of entering the Southeast Asian market, HPB joins the Bloconomic Expo 2019 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on Thursday (April 25th 2019). Bloconomic aims to bring together parts of the blockchain economy into Kuala Lumpur, the heart of Southeast Asia. The conference will discuss practical use cases for blockchains as well as in finance, global payment systems, tourism, healthcare, energy trading, digital identity authentication, future prospects for electronic record certification, the Internet of Things, supply chain management and government governance, and E-KYC with a view to creating a large network of blockchain entrepreneurs and developers in the blockchain economy to explore the blockchain world, new business models and potential opportunities. Danny Rowshandel, General Manager of HPB’s Overseas Business Department, will participate in the roundtable discussion that day and comment on the topic “How Blockchain can revolutionalize local businesses”.

Here is an overview of HPB’s recent dynamics in China and abroad

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